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The Balanced Embouchure, by Jeff Smiley: a dynamic development system that’s easy to learn and works for every trumpet player. Order online!. The Balanced Embouchure Website – The Balanced Embouchure (BE) is a set of embouchure development exercises and practice. Over the summer an interview was posted with hornist Andrew Joy on . Joy mentioned The Balanced Embouchure as a factor in his.

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It’s obvious to me, and to anybody who really looks at it, that mainstream trumpet teaching is a numbers game. We spent little time on it in lessons, as he preferred working on other aspects of his playing.

Who is using BE?

Since I was already teaching the bulk of emboucgure method, I added the newer ideas to my student’s lessons and watched what happened. Thx for your time, Steve. It may be years before phase three happens, but I remain optimistic and very patient.

Since increasing the lip range of motion means exaggerating lip movements in a specific direction, the key to success is understanding embouchur principles, which aids you in knowing which movements are more or less in the “right” direction for example, stretching or smiling is the “wrong” direction, even though a small percentage of players have success using it.

Even so, I question the value of the exercises precisely because there is a risk of the lip settings creeping into to normal playing. I am only a few exercises in and I can tell you that no other study has even come close to improving my overall playing the way BE has done. He divides his text into two basic sections, an overview followed by his specific exercises.


BE is being used by all types of players, from beginners to players of over 50 years experience, from high school students to comeback players to professional trumpeters. Still, emboucjure continue to move in the direction of breaking down the complex chain of events into simpler targets, because the alternative such as learning by copying has been proven over and over again another huge topic for discussion to be a numbers game, working for only the few.

The Balanced Embouchure Website — www. In life, you take actions which always have an effect on your balancer and those around you. Started playing in 4th grade. Would you recommend it to others? Created by Blog Copyright.

Tongue On Lips (The Balanced Embouchure Way) – Trumpet Planet

The goal of every embouchure development process is the same, which is to positively affect the coordination of the lips and tongue and airfully integrating them into a system that smbouchure unconsciously, at the highest level of efficiency. Sure, you have a right to do so, we all like to label things and dismiss as wrong.

So, I joined the Army as a trumpet player. Enter your comment here How long will it take to improve? At this stage I might have you go back to the embouchure you used before practicing the extreme lip positions and start there. These targets, which are relatively simple to hit, help the lips to “wake up” from locked-in inefficient settings, eventually training the muscles to take on more complex characteristics.

Why did you do that?

The Balanced Embouchure – Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more or have more questions? I have address many of your points already above, either in the original blog post or in the comments following. Occasionally, someone starts BE and embouvhure falls into place very fast, with their range extending by an octave or more in a few weeks. It is a set of exercises that complements ANY embouchure type.


Do you use The Balanced Embouchure?

In short, the answer is no, I do not use any exercises from The Balanced Embouchurealthough I am seeing this book mentioned in more and more places. Thanks for stopping by. Bottom line, BE can work for embouchurd players and screw up others, emboufhure the same can be said for any embouchure development system.

So yeah, they may not be aware of the science as their approaches are far from being scientific. All of them play unconsciously, often from an early age, and do not understand the stages of development a typical player must go through to make progress.

Joy on the Balanced Embouchure

Even after several years, part of me is still amazed to work with 6th graders who look at notes above the staff with little or no fear. His average motivated high school students years old have a playable performance range of G over high C, played loud and full, and he emboouchure NOT specifically select talented students. Will I have to change my embouchure?